Christina Ferdinando

losing a pet is never going to get any easier, is it? what’s the point in having one if you’re going to be this hurt when they’re gone?

i feel like i lost my little sister

i feel this world just got even more unfair than it already is

she’s 3


and she’s got a cancerous mass in her leg that’s spreading through her lungs

wut the hell? how is that even fair? how is that even okay? she’s only three

she came from a horrible home

beaten and broken and so scared of everything


why god why i dont understand

this is so unfair

my mom told me to pray for her

how can i pray to someone who did all this in the first place?

isn’t that the same god who gave our last cat aids and then took his brothers eye and kidney?

the same one who gave your husband lung cancer at 66 and took him away from you?

i can do NOTHING

NOTHING to help her. my little sis. my dog. my sweet little dog is going to die and i can’t do anything about it.

  1. the-serpents-daughter said: ((I am so sorry hon… *hugs tight*
  2. dolcetters said: (( Dx> …hon. *hugs tightly* …. I’m so sorry…. ))
  3. princess-sheepie said: I’m so sorry…but you have to understand, God didn’t do any of that. Unfortunately it’s just life and being dealt a bad hand. You never know, if the dog’s already survived so much, maybe she’ll survive this too. Many animals overcome cancer. -hugs-
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